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Morgan Says: This is a part of the Choose-Your-Own-Character (CYOC) storyline. Do not read unless you've read the first post in this chain.


Robby takes pictures of the trees


Slow fabric was slipped from Eiji's body, the dark-haired man well aware of Robby's eyes on him as he slipped his shirt up and off. The cold air made Eiji's nipples hard, and Rob's stare danced to them first, a slow striptease game that Ei knew he was winning.

They'd disappeared into the forest, but not to hunt. No, Eiji wasn't really hungry for mortal blood, and Robert wouldn't eat them, not unless Eiji brought the flesh and laid it at his feet. And Eiji was a good man, he'd do it for Robert, if it was what his dirty blonde master asked of him.

But he hadn't, and instead had brought his camera, dangling around his neck, Robert's fingers twitching as they held it, waiting for the right moment to snap the dark-haired man in half.

Eiji's fingers circled his nipples before letting his hands grab their numbs and rip with his strength at them, skin stretching from his chest at the Asian man's strength. His blonde master shivered, before shaking his head.

"I'd like you to take off the pants," Robert murmured. His voice was professional, the same tone he used with the people he shot in the local town. But he was ordering Eiji to pose, and so the man slid the pants off, not wearing underwear, exposing his erection to the cold night air.

His penis was scarred from some wounds that Eiji hadn't wanted to heal -- memories of ways he'd wronged his Robert. He'd left copper inside of them, an allergy, so that his body would rip the slashed metal out of his penis later in the night, letting the blood trickle down and send shock waves through Eiji's spine.

He'd gone to Robert, and showed him his scars, asking to be forgiven for cheating, and his Robby, so kind, had taken his photos and taken the dark-haired man into his arms to fuck senseless.

But now was different, and Robby was stepping closer, his own erection seen through his pants, pushing Eiji's naked arms against a tree. Someone dashed past them in a blur, but nobody paid the pair much mind, and Eiji liked it that way.

Anyone could watch them, but only Robert could make him moan.

The bark was rough, and with a twinkle in his eyes and kiss, Robby's long fingers and gangly arms snapped up one photo, and another, as Eiji rubbed his back against the tree's rough skin, arms dragging against the bark above his head until the burning made him cry out.

Robby heard and smirked, dropping his camera and stepping closer, fingers shaking as they traced Eiji's smooth skin, broken in several spots by the bark, the darkness and falling leaves enclosing them both in as Robert abandoned his pants and flipped Eiji around.

His erection, tilting slightly to the right, was positioned against the tree, and Eiji leaned forward, exposing his ass. "Robby," he mewed, passive as his hips then shuddered into the tree, burying his erection into the frantically stabbing bark, grinding against it and feeling the pain lace with pleasure as hands grabbed Eiji's hips. They were shaking, and Eiji let them guide him faster against the tree, once, twice more before the roiling man was stilled.

"I think I want to suck you," Robert murmured in his ear, flipping Eiji around and slamming him against the tree. Leaves faded down from the branches above them, their crackling forms rubbing against Eiji's chest as Robert fell to his knees, a frantic begging close-by guiding Robby's hand to his own erection, touching and swirling as his tongue found Eiji's cock.

It was bleeding, Eiji saw, and feeling the stinging ache of Robert sucking the scraped wounds in his cock made Eiji arch his back into his lovers warm lips, the suction sending trembles up his spine, the blood spilling from Eiji's back as he fucked both the tree with his back and his lover with his front.

A mortal was found, her shrieks and requests to live vibrating through the blood that rushed in Eiji's ears as he threw himself backwards and forwards, the cutting guttural chokes of his lover letting him know he was bucking too hard, too fast, but Ei didn't want to stop. His peak's edge was tilting as he heard the mortal begging, felt his back cracking against a branch that before had only stabbed him, the chokes of Robby sending vibrations through him as he orgasmed, shooting in his lover's mouth as he buried himself against the rough tree.

Robby's teeth serrating Eiji's orgasm to help it linger, a buried howl burning as Robby stayed on his knees, pumping himself to completion there in the woods, the woman in the trees only inches away fading into silence even as the lovers peaked.


"Honey From a Thorn" - - ((by Morgan O'Friel))
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"Life is ever
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From a thorn."

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