"Honey From a Thorn" -- ((by Morgan O'Friel))

an urban fantasy-based, fiction scrapbook

"Honey From a Thorn" - - ((by Morgan O'Friel))
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An Urban Fantasy-based Fiction Scrapbook

. : Welcome to Honey From a Thorn : .

This is an original fantasy fiction scrapbook in the lines of shoebox_project and hp_secrets. Here anything goes-- pictures, scans, letters, you name it and it can be uploaded. Because words aren't the only things that can tell a story.

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"Life was ever Since man was born, Licking honey From a thorn." -- Louis Ginsberg

. : What's the Plot? : .

After an unexpected murder, suspicions are raised about the strange behavior of Andrew Sienna. When Thompson sends him a note, Andrew's forced to return to the Stead and the center of all of his horrific memories.

A rich urban fantasy, Honey From a Thorn, is a fusion fiction exploration of daily life as a chupacabra, and living without control over one's own nature.

. : Where Do I Start? : .

New readers can start here to read straight-through. It's also just as much fun for new readers to bounce around and explore individual story arcs, with general summaries and links available here.

. : Disclaimers : .
- This community includes items used in a creative manner. It does not claim affiliation with any of
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The Devil: There's a fine line between giving in to temptation and letting it control you. Heed the difference.
Seven of Cups: Daydreams are the spice of life, if you can hold to it long enough to tell what reality is.
Knight of Wands: Unabashed adventure: press on without too much thought.

--Images and Paraphrased Meanings from the Archeon Deck